Monday, March 2, 2015

Classes Day 1

My first class is HRM 211 Staffing and Remuneration with Professor Jane Craig 8am - 10am. I walked over to campus and I was early (big shock I know). I decided to sit towards the front. I like being up there it helps me pay attention. I find if I am sitting in the back I drift off a lot more. Professor Craig seems really great I like her a lot so far. So at least it is not too bad for a morning class! The class seems really interesting too so that is good. The grades are very different here... I will do a follow up post on that when I get it figured out. ;)

After that lecture class is usually when I will have my tutorial for that class, but today we do not have tutorial so I just went back home. I skyped with the family and grabbed a Pb&J. I keep realizing how lucky I am to have such great roommates. Today we were having lunch, Raphael, Katja, and I, and it was just really fun joking around about culture and learning little things that make us unique.

After lunch I headed back to campus for my next class: SUS 101 Foundations of Sustainability. This class is about what is happening to our environment and what can can/ should do about it. I am actually pretty excited about it. I really like Professor Lisa Ryan. She is so passionate and interesting. I love how so many people here have such amazing unexpected histories. For instance, Professor Ryan is from Kenya! There are so many unexpected immigrants! Another one is a girl I met at a party the other night. She is a very warm kind little white girl from an African country (I did not ask her permission use her story). She and her family got run out of their home. It is amazing the things that go on in the world that we know so little about. The unrest that you see on TV or the wars or poverty... it is easy to see it and say you understand it, but to meet people who have come face to face with this kind of thing it really hits home... Just something to think about y'all. ;)

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