Friday, March 6, 2015

Thursday beach day!

Today I woke up to yet another perfect sunshiny day. We decided since it is almost 100* out we should go to the beach. With my foot thing and my general pale skin I knew I did not need to be out all day. Lisa and Katja went at 11 and I waited until 1 to go. I took the bus and met them at the beach. Mooloolaba may not be the 'prettiest' beach around here, but I really loved it! I had a wonderful relaxing time. It is funny, we were just looking out at the ocean and I kept thing 'this is my life right now... how lucky am I?!?!'.  We stayed out on the beach laying out walking, and in the ocean until about 3. Oh.... and apparently topless is cool here. There were a few women sunbathing topless... I was a little surprised. I mean it is a family type beach. I guess that was a small culture shock for me. I am pretty cool with nudity, but I just wasn't expecting it. I guess I just thought beaches would be labeled or something. They are not. Aren't you afraid to burn?!? I couldn't do it. More power to you though!

Then we went after the elusive TimTam shake. That was an excellent choice. It was really good! I am glad Katja's friend told her about it.

We enjoyed the shakes at a really pretty place. We sat on some giant rocks right by the shore. The waves crashed on the rocks and we sat on the edge. It was so nice!

Before we caught the bus we stopped at some shops. Everyone knows the struggle that is swimsuit shopping. I have struggled and struggled, but today I actually found a great style top for me! I am so excited!!! I bought 2. They were a bit pricey.... and I hate spending money... but I am here for a while... I decided it was a worthwhile investment. :) My Dad will be proud of me for not cheaping out for once. Also, while we were waiting for the bus we walked around a little bay. It was so cute. There was even a mini beach and a couple people playing with their dog. It was so relaxing. Definitely not a bad way to spend the day!!

When we got home were were hungry, but we definitely were in need of something healthy after the TimTam shake. I made us another big salad with my new favorite dressing. It was so good! I can't wait to share it with y'all at home!

After dinner we celebrated another birthday... Seems like a birthday everyday! It was fun but it is SO HOT right now!! Everyone was sweating.... ick! It still beats being cold any day though... so I'll take it! Katja and I decided to check out the club. It is free on Thursday for Uni students. Bad choice. It was a hot mess. But hey! You live and learn and we tried it right?!? That counts! Well I am counting it haha


  1. Just as a FYI- Gloria Jeans coffee is a big chain (where you got the shakes). Just so you know if you're in Brisbane, you can still enjoy one! :-) I'm jealous! I want to be back and visit my beaches! *sobs into snow boots*

    1. Yeah I knew they were a chain :) we were just on an adventure haha come back! I miss you!!