Sunday, March 8, 2015

Camping weekend in Mimburi with Activate

I was so excited to go camping! My first camping trip in Australia! Lisa, Katja, and I walked to campus at 11am. We met up with the rest of the group. There was not a lot of time spent on introductions, but everyone seemed really nice and welcoming.  They instructed everyone to pick their favorite vehicle and stand by it. Obviously I picked the coolest looking 4WD with kayaks on top. No brainer right! So I stuck my bag into Pierick's vehicle. I personally think I chose perfectly. Everyone in the vehicle was really nice. Anna, Mary.... (some guy I can't recall his name) and Pierick. All new friends!

It was perfect. We got to know each other and then... singing! Well some singing. Haha Good people :) We drove about and hour and a half to Mimburi to camp by the river. We got there and set up camp. I went up to check out the bathroom. I was so glad they had one. They might not be the most beautiful ones ever but I still think it was a win. The sink is the top of the first picture. It is not exactly porcelain but it worked! The toilet was bit sketchier... lots of spiders... but it was a pretty view... so that is something... I

Then we went down to the river!

We walked down an semi treacherous mountain side and jumped in. It was really deep where we were. We swan up river and it was more shallow. There it was up to about knees/ hips. Some of the walk up river was easy. It was on sand and we just fought the current. It was much harder when the river bed was all rock. Our poor feet. At least those of us who are not used to being outside struggled a bit. I definitely should have skipped the last like 20 pedicures haha. Oh well it was all good. We waded up and up and finally got to a nice little place where we just all sat in the river and hung out. We actually found a volleyball so we played keep it up for a while. It was beautiful! I will get some pictures from the people with GoPros and water proof cameras. I learned my lesson about 'waterproof' stuff in Cozumel... so my phone stayed safely on shore. :) 

Now it was time to float back down river. We all just floated down. It sounds relaxing and wonderful... which it was... until you encountered a tree or rock... which happened. It was 100/100 in the wonderful and beautiful category. There were a few times though when the river moved a bit fast and you kind of crashed into stuff. A giant tree definitely got to second base pretty hard with me and now I have a couple nice bruises haha. Bumps and bruises aside, we had an absolute blast.

After we dried off a little we headed back up to camp. (A short walk away) 

Shower time please!!! The shower. Yes. It is a hose. Yes. It is cold. Haha but it still felt great and believe me was much needed after being in the river.

We realized we did not have any alcohol and some people wanted to drink so I volunteered to be part of the 'go to the store' crew. I am really glad I did. The drive was really pretty. The liquor store/ bottle shop/ bottlo was closed. Luckily there was a bar that let us take out. It was not exactly what we were looking for but it worked out just fine. 

We got back in perfect time for dinner! We had burritos and sat around the campfire. We played telephone. Telephone, for those of y'all who don't know, is when someone whispers a phrase into the person beside them's ear then you pass it around the circle. It is always funny just how much the phrase changes. After that I heard some music up in the main center. So I followed my ear. Everyone was playing and singing... it came to me and I can't play... but I can sing! ;) I sang the chorus of one of my Billboard songs Walkin' on the Blue Side. Everyone was so kind and supportive. They wanted to hear more so I sang my favorite song of mine Crystal Clear. It was so fun. We played a few more games then everyone was more than ready for bed.

I really should have planned my sleeping position better. Live and learn I guess. Lisa, Katja, and I did not have mats. Pierick rounded up 2 and gave me his extra sleeping bag to put under the sleeping bag I had from Jaksen. It is funny I could have had a fancy single person mini tent camper thing. Jaksen offered it to me and I thought that would be too much. Dumb move. Ugh. Anyway... Hindsight I guess... take Jaksen's advice? Haha The next issue is I didn't really have a spot in the tent so we just kind of made it work.... meaning I slept in the front where people step in and out. Worst sleep I have had in a while. No worries though it is only one night. Tonight I will be so happy for my bed!!

In the morning we got up and played some native games. It was a very different version of tag called Itti. I liked it a lot. My only hold up was all the horse poo and lack of a sports bra. Other than that it is great game! I could totally get into it! If you want to know the details let me know :) Then me went to a new spot on the river and waded in the water for a few hours. I even learned how to skip/ skim a stone. I am no master, but I did it! I was so proud. 

I couldn't believe it was already time to leave. On our way out we stopped in to say thank you and good by to our hosts. I am so glad we did! He played us an instrument of his people, the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia. They call it the Yidaki and it is sometimes called the Didgeridoo by outsiders. This crazy looking instrument is so neat. They usually keep them in the river because it is good to keep them wet. This one was not in the river so he ran some water through it before playing it for us. The sound is changed by how he blows into it and what he does with his mouth. I guess to play it you have to be part of the lineage. It is a very personal instrument.

After that we had an awesome drive home singing and talking watching the beautiful scenery

Now it time for Katja and I to get some sleep!!!! We are pretty exhausted!


  1. Looks like fun!! Were the mozzies bad?

  2. not really... but I did have my tropical grade bug repellent.. ;)