Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friday + Weekend Rock climbing and camping in Brooyar

I got up today (Friday) my day started with some cleaning... I just can't live in that kind of messiness! When I finished that I worked on some homework. Reading reading and more reading. I finished my reading for the presentation I have to do this Tuesday. It was actually really interesting about team dynamics and the importance of designing work teams to increase productivity add satisfaction. This presentation is 15% of my grade so I really want to do well.

I had lunch with Katja and Lisa. Then Katja and I headed off to Mooloolaba for some beach time before it was time for a BBQ with the Germans. There are some Germans exchange students that live in Mooloolaba so we are going to their place for dinner. Also, some of Lisa's other German friends who go to Uni in Brisbane are coming up. The weather at the beach was perfect yet again! Until it rained a bit... but I guess that happens from time to time. I thought it was actually pretty refreshing. Katja did not agree haha No worries though. The rain didn't last. We left the beach and we went to the Germans apartment and hung out in the hot tub to warm up.

The BBQ was fun we had a little rooftop BBQ it was great! Almost perfect until the monsoon hit. Haha it poured. Luckily everyone was about finished eating anyway so made a run for it. We hung out inside for a while. I was beat and I knew we had to be up early for our rock climbing adventure. I didn't want wait for everyone to get a cab and the last bus had already left... I knew it was close to when Jaksen got off work... so.... I shot him a quick text and woo! I was in luck! Perfect timing. :)

Saturday morning we left the flat about 745am. Believe me that was early enough for Katja and I. We thought about not going... Katja had decided if it was raining in the morning she wasn't going. I was going to give a whirl anyway.. I mean a little rain never hurt anyone right?!?! Lucky for us though no rain! I am really glad I went I had a lot of fun. I did discover that I am pretty terrible at rock climbing... I don't think I more than 7 feet off the ground and I still managed to bang myself up more than anyone else haha That said, I really loved being out there. It is so beautiful! Also, now I can belay like no ones business! Belaying is the person on the bottom who controls the tension/ slack for the climber.

Then we watched the sunset! I wish the pictures could really show you... but at least it is something!

Now day 2 of climbing.. well trying to climb for me haha I figure everyone has gifts... I have plenty... climbing is not one. That said I had a lot of fun :) I managed to scrape my back, bruise my knee, cut open my finger, and scrape my elbow in the small amount of time I struggle to climb. Looks like this girl will be sticking to the stairs ;)

Now sleep! Well and prepping for my 3 days of school... and my presentation Tuesday.

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