Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weird dreams in OZ...

I slept so late today!! I woke up at 1030!!! Holy crap! I guess I must have been tired!

I had the weirdest dream ever! I was driving my roommate Raphael's car (note: Raphael does not have a car) and Katja and I were going somewhere. I was very nervous since they drive on the other side of the road here and in the other side of the car, but it worked out fine. :) I am a pro. By the way when I told Raph this his reaction was 'What you drove my car?!?' Haha he cracks me up.

We got to this event I guess because the next thing I remember is being in this giant maze. There were 3 levels. It reminded me of CASHS (my high school) only like 10 times as big. The first level was a pretty normal obstacle course. Katja and I went through it pretty easily. I think it was a race because we were rushing. Also if you can't complete the obstacle you are out.

We got to level 2 and it was dark and reminded me of a haunted house. The difference is these people attacked you and if they 'killed you' you were out of the game. They would hit you with a fake sword or shoot you with a fake bow, etc. Katja looked at me and squinched her face and said "No. I am not doing this." and somehow she left... not sure how. So I forged on alone. Thanks Katja. It was very scary and instead of confronting and fighting the scary people I snuck by all of them. Survival man! You gotta do what you gotta do!

I got to level 3 and Pierick was there. (He is part of the Activate group I go hiking and camping with) Why was he there? No idea. It was a high ropes course in the dark. If you fell or were too scared to do it you were out of the game. I started in and Pierick kept saying just trust your feet. I kept thinking you are insane. A ropes course in the dark?!?! Then he asked me where my weapon was. I was like 'I didn't know I needed one'. Apparently you have to get one in level 2 somehow. You can't finish without one. So I had to go back. Somehow I cut out a side door where the actor and props people were. I kept saying I just have to go back to level 2 I will be right back.

So I found a side door in level 2. I went in with no plan of how to get a weapon. I thought I would be sneaky and try to attack someone from behind maybe, but this big guy with a knife saw me. So I wielded and invisible chainsaw and acted out cutting off his head. He looked at me for a second with a blank face and then laughed and said 'ok then' and handed me the knife. So as I was headed back to level 3 when a huge guy with a giant ax as big as me saw me so I threw the knife at him. I missed. So I acted out another knife throw and he laughed and gave me his weapon. I was upset because it was a pretty nice weapon and I wanted to get it back to him after the game so I suggested we take a selfie. I don't know how this would help, but we took the selfie and he said he would cheer for me at the talent portion.

Now I got back to level 3 and went through that no problem. This doesn't make any sense... I could barely do it before carrying nothing, and now I breeze through it carrying a giant ax... but ok. (Then again none of this makes sense so... I guess we will just go with it)

After level 3 anyone who makes it has to perform in a talent show. So I decided to sing. Obviously. I knew since I had to incorporate the weapon it should be an edgy song. I decided to sing Better Dig Two. It's one of my best songs and it's kind of badass-ish. It was huge stage with thousands of people in the audience. The audience was comprised of people who attempted the course, as well as their families and friends, and even just people who came to watch the games. Since this was a big show I talked to lighting guy about what I wanted, and as I was talking to the band giving them some final little tweaks I woke up.

So... That was a weird one for the record books.

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