Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3 of classes

Today was my last new class. I had MGT 130 Supply Chain Management 8am – 10 am. Next week the tutorial will be directly after from 10 – 11. Tutorials here are for extra hands on time learning with the professor. I made my schedule work out where I have lecture then tutorial back to back for every class. You do not have to do it that way. There are usually tutorials at other times during the week if you choose. I just like the idea of having them back to back. I like the professor. He is German and he seems very smart. It should be a good class.

I also got an email today from Ship and I might be sharing my blog with them as well as doing a Skype from down under for their Study Abroad day. That sounds like it would be pretty neat.

In the afternoon Katja and I decided we were tired of sitting around the apartment. We decided to take a trip. Lisa, Katja and I set out on an adventure. Issue 1: we have no car. No worries though! We will take the bus! Katja's friend told her about a TimTam shake that is supposed to be amazing so we set out to Mooloolaba. Issue 2: Mooloolaba is not Maroochydore. We got on the wrong bus. No worries though! We were planning a shopping trip to Maroochydore tomorrow anyway... so we just bumped it to today. :) We ended up at the Sunshine Plaza and walked around and did some shopping. The TimTam shake will have to wait.

Dinner time! We made a huge salad for dinner with my new favorite dressing. I got the recipe from Lisa. It is oil, vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, and water. Yumm!! Gotta love those Germans! After that we all hung out for a while and celebrated a birthday. A good time was had by all.

OH!! And MOST importantly... today I discovered the acoustics in my shower... they are amazing! I honestly would love to pop up a studio right there! The equipment might get slightly wet but... my vocals are killing in there! Totally worth the risk of ruined equipment and possible death by electrocution... ;)

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