Friday, March 20, 2015

Well that was a bust...

Less than 24 hours into online dating - I have thrown in the towel and deleted my profile. It is just way too overwhelming. 68 different people sent me messages. Many of them sent multiple. I actually talked to 12 people. I forgot what it's like messaging new people all the time constantly getting mail... ugh It is so exhausting and kind of stressful! I did talk to come nice guys... at least they seem nice. No one asked me rude questions or messaged me just for sex outright so that is a change. I will probably meet a couple of them... 2 just totally a friend thing... clear boundaries... one guy who... is interesting. I am sure it'll probably turn into a total bust like all the others in the US but... here's to trying right?! Haha

So I guess that is the last update for online dating for me ;) At least until I am back in the states ;)

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