Sunday, March 22, 2015

free coffee!

So I went on my one and ONLY online dating live date. It was a bit of a disaster. He picked me up (as Katja watched from the window haha). He didn't even get out of the car, which was awkward. So I got in and we headed off to get coffee up the road. His car was dirty... which I understand, life happens, but on a first date?! :( Then, because his car was admittedly kind of crappy, not just dirty but overall crappy... the wipers barely work and the lights kept cutting out, he shot off into a long explanation. Honestly, I don't care what you drive... but he told me his story. He told me about money and his Dad used to make 200K-300K yearly now he is on government something... his dad needed money so he sold his really nice jeep and gave his dad the money. After that he bought this junker for '3000$ cash'. This is not a cool topic for me, honestly I hate talking about money. It is weird and I just don't like it. ESPECIALLY on a first date. I don't need to know what your families financial situation is, which I do now. I don't need to know what you make, which I do now. I don't need to know what your bonuses are, which I do now. I don't need to know the trips your company pays to send you on, which I do now. I don't need to know you work overtime but you don't get paid overtime, which I do now... Future reference everyone. Shut up about money.

Oh, and did I mention he is way older than I thought. His profile said 33. Nope. Looks like a solid 38. He was talking about about how his 12 year old nephew plays Call of Duty and it is just the craziest thing. 'They kill people. They actually kill people. And he talks to his mates on a headset. It's just crazy'. I felt like I was talking to my Great Grandpap, who luckily doesn't read this blog so won't be offended :). He literally used the phrase 'back in my day'. Seriously? 

So we got to the coffee place and we went through the drive thru. I think the plan was to hang out in Mooloolaba, but that got veto'd pretty quickly. He paid for my coffee which was very kind. So that was a plus! He did try very hard with conversation... he was just missing every time. He loves little dogs - I don't care for little dogs (in general people! don't get all offended), he loves American Idol and shows like that - I don't watch them because it is kind of painful, he loves Man vs. Food - I think it is a huge waste of food, He thinks the best country music is Keith Urban (obviously since Keith is an Aussie, but I don't contest that Keith is very good), Taylor Swift, and Scotty Mccreary - I think he has no clue what he is talking about.

Then he asked 'where to?' and I said 'honestly I think we should head back'. He has to watch his nephew later and I have studying to do. Well I mean I am in Uni.... there is always studying that can be done... and blogs that can be written. So on the way back he brought up about 27 more times that he used to play cricket professionally and he made all this money. I get it you played professional Cricket. You are very athletic. You made a ton of money. He said he didn't buy sports cars and stuff he invested in land. Also, he played in the UK. Sadly enough, while in the UK, his girlfriend died and he said he kind of lost his passion for the game. Then he told me his friend/agent/ manager cleaned out his bank accounts and ran off with his 'nestegg'. Also, his sponsors were all suddenly gone too. Oakley, Adidas.... 

Honestly, he seems like a relatively nice guy, but I feel like he lied to me... not exactly sure what all was truth and what was lie.  

I mean if your Dad is poor why do you golf with him every weekend? 
Golfing is expensive right?
You stopped playing cricket because your girlfriend died?
So when did the sponsors leave?
And when did the agent steal your money?
Why didn't you sue him?
Why did you lie about your age and use old pictures?
If you did invest why do you live with your sister?
If you played in the UK why would you have the yellow team Australia uniform? (which he mentioned previously)
If you have investments why did you have to sell you jeep for a $8000 loss to give your dad money?

In summary: he lives with his sister and loves Taylor Swift. This will never work.
A - Why can no one on online dating have their own place?! 
B - T. Swift... really? :[

It just doesn't add up. I guess if anything it is good to know that online dating sucks all around the world. It is not a strictly American problem. 

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  1. Oh no!!!! Geez. I was hoping it would go well. �� Tell the next one you meet that we run a full background check on them so no lying! I will too.....I have my ways! Mwahaha!