Thursday, March 26, 2015

T/W and Thursday Surfing!

So Tuesday was really good. It started out with awesome news. My friend Jason is coming to visit me in April. Today his passport and visa got all straightened out!! Now all that is left is to get on the plane! :) I am so excited to share my adventure!!!

I spent the morning at the pool and then had a meeting with my group for Leadership and Team Dynamics. The meeting was good. I think we have a very entertaining group that is for sure. :) I like them a lot. After my meeting I went home and back to the pool for a little while with Katja. She was having a lazy non productive day. I have decided that her spirit animal is the koala. She loves naps and she is cute so it works out :)

Later Tuesday I had the lecture and tutorial for Leadership and Team Dynamics. It was good. It is an odd class. We do activities and learn by doing, which is pretty cool. There is really not much 'lecture'. We shall see how this pans out when it comes to finals.

Tuesday night we finally went to the grocery store... we were in desperate need at this point. Then we had pizza and salad. Yumm! I played some sand volleyball after dinner. It was fun :) Then I was needing a laugh so I opened a card form Nicole :)

Wednesday I have my Supply Chain MGT class 8-11. I like the class and I like the professor .. but it is a first time class. They just started the program. The assignments are very vague and the lectures can be difficult to follow. The professor is very smart but I feel like it is an astronaut trying to teach 4th graders about the solar system. Sometimes he is a bit over everyones' head.

My group for the group project in that class is a lot more of a struggle too honestly. I thought we had a good group, but we have one person who refuses to listen at all and one who is off in left field... It is hard to get everyone on the same page to write this 1 page thing. I am thinking I might just write it and call it a day.

But I mentioned lately how much I love my campus?!?

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I did some work for Uni and some reading. Then Katjas traveling German friends came. They were only here for the night. They are very nice and I felt so bad... they were so sunburnt... mostly him... but oh goodness. :( We played volleyball and they slept in Katjas bed and we slept in mine.


Wednesday night Raphael and I were practicing popping up in the living room. He gave me some tips and pointers. This morning (Thursday) Raphael was going to the beach at 6. That is too early... plus that is feeding time for sharks...You think this girl is going in the ocean that time of the day? I don't think so. Stop your crazy talk. So I decided to get there at 8. I found out Activate, the travel group I am in, has boards so I don't have to rent them! The German guys who live at the beach have just been keeping them because no one ever uses them. So I got ahold of them and said hey lets meet up and surf :)

So we did!

When I got on the bus I noticed a text from Raph. He decided not to go. It said to wake him if I wanted him to go with me. This was not the best time to find out - as I was currently on the bus to the beach. I texted him but I guess he was sleeping. So I got there, found the Germans, and I bought a surfer shirt. It is special material that drys pretty quick and it's super tight. It is long sleeve which I love and blocks UV rays. I feel so professional in it. ;) Well, I feel professional until I get in the water that is. Note to self: long sleeve does not cover your hands. Your hands are almost always out of the water. They will get burnt.

I was happy with how I did the first time I went out. At first I went out to where surfers go... which was hard because I couldn't balance on the board very well and I felt like to took forever fighting the waves. I quickly realized this was dumb. I need to start closer to the shore in the smaller waves. So I paddled back in some. When I got there I thought about when I coach or teach someone. What do I do? I start with the basics: the stuff that seems dumb but is helpful. So I balanced on the board on my stomach for a bit. I know that sounds dumb, but it is hard to do in the waves! Then I decided to ride one in like a body board, because I know how to do that. It was good. It helped me get a feel for the board a little. Then I knee boarded in a few times on my hands and knees. Finally I even got feet down on the board! Unfortunately as soon as I pushed up I toppled. I am not counting that as standing at all, but I am happy.

I did feel really good on this one wave. I felt settled. I felt like this is how it is supposed to feel. I was thinking 'this is it! stand up!' then my swim bottom decided no this is not it and started to come off so I had to salvage my bottom and forsake the standing :( Another note to self: wear extra tight swim bottoms... mine were a struggle all day.

Then next time I went out the waves had gotten quite a bit rougher. I could barely ride a wave in on my stomach! My photographer (Katja) was only there for my second session. Hopefully I will get some better pics next time :) I am glad to have some though!!!

After that I walked up and down the beach a little and we headed home. When we got back we ate and got in the pool. It was very relaxing. Then I got a nice shower and we ran to the liquor store. Katjas birthday is tomorrow!!! So we will celebrate tonight at midnight! :) Until then I am going to study for then next hour and a half, then dinner, and then I am sure the festivities of a normal Thursday night at Varsity will begin! :)

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