Monday, March 16, 2015

Welcome to Oz. Is this another language?!?!

Aussies abbreviate everything. It is almost like they have a whole different language! I pick up on most meanings just using context clues but sometimes I have to actually ask. Luckily everyone is very nice and keen to explain it to me. Slowly but surly I am getting it ;)

This is a list of some of the ones I have come across. Some of them really threw me for a loop and some seem really natural!

Air con - air conditioner
Avo - afternoon
Barbie - BBQ grill
Bikkie - cookie
Bloody - F***ing
Boot - trunk of the car
Bonnet - hood of the car
Bottle-O - liquor/ beer store
Brekkie - breakfast
Brissy - Brisbane
Bucks - bachelor party
Chemist - pharmacy
Chewy - gum
Chrissy - Christmas
Coldie - beer
College - high school
C*** - used between guys as insult
the Ditch - water between OZ and New Zealand 
Darling - endearing term for a female friend
Doona - comforter
Fanny - vagina
Flat - apartment
Footy - Australian rules football
Good on ya - good job
Goon - cheap box wine
Hungry Jacks - Burger King
Jelly - Jell-O
Keen - agreement/ good
Lollies - any type of candy
Mackers - McDonalds
Mate - buddy/ friend
Motorbike - motorcycle
Mozzies - mosquitoes
Nappies - diapers
Op Shop - thrift store
Oz - Australia
Petrol - gas
Roadie - a take away beer
Rubbish - trash
Servo - gas station
Schooner - large glass of beer
She'll be right - it'll be alright
Stubbie - bottle of beer
Stubbie holder - coozie for your beer
Sunnies - sunglasses
Surfies - people who surf alot
Swimmers/ Swimmies - swimsuit
Take away - carry out/ take out
Thongs - flip flops
Tinnie - aluminum can of beer
Torch - flashlight
Tosser - ridiculous person
Tradey - tradesman
Tyres - tires
Uni - college/ university
Walkabout - a walk in the outback by Aborigines for indefinite amount of time
Walkabout, gone on a - lost
Wanker - idiot
XXXX - pronounced four x's crappy beer
Yank - American
Zonked - zonked out tired out/ exhausted
Zed - the letter z

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are no doubt many many more... these are just some quirky ones that I have noticed so far.

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