Sunday, March 22, 2015

Volleyball Tounament

Every year they have the annual volleyball tournament between Varsity Apartments (us) and Uni Central (across the street). We have never lost. :) Mainly because we are more naturally talented and just better overall... also probably because we have the volleyball court. Anyway it is a big tradition of BBQing and day drinking. My day started out with Crepes!!! ;) Thanks to Raphael!

They take this tournament seriously. You know they take it seriously because they actually brought in heavy equipment to move the sand around and make it nice for this event. The quiet before the storm...

It was super hot but luckily there was some cloud cover so that made it a bit nicer. The games stared at 11 and lasted until 5ish? My balcony is like having box seats so we got pretty lucky we could cheer and heckle from court side. Oh and most importantly we could do it all in the shade! :)

We watched the volleyball games and played some card games... we got in the pool... had some BBQ... the day went by so fast! There were some really good volleyball games honestly! We have some people who can really play! About 4ish it was finally the final round. For all the marbles. I won't lie I was distracted by the game we were playing on the balcony a bit and I missed most of it... but... we won!!! Woohoo! Varsity carries on it's tradition!

At this point I realized food would be good... So Lisa and Devin and I grabbed some of my food and went to his place on the dark side and he cooked! It is called the dark side because its so dark and quiet. Pretty much all the parties are on our side of the complex centered around the volleyball court. It is usually bright and loud. Anyway he cooked for us! How sweet! He is a really good cook!!! I lucked out!

After that we went back to the party side of Varsity. There was some dancing so we joined in. Well maybe there was music so we started dancing... either way... the dancing commenced. Then for some reason I can't explain, we decided to stand around and talk in the rain... Still a bit of a mystery. After that we all just hung out and I found myself in my apartment around 11. It was past time for a shower and sleep!

I woke up to a huge mess this morning. I cleaned up all the bottles and took our the trash. I wiped all the tables etc. I figure I did my share now one of the others will do the floors and it'll be good as new!

It was a pretty fun Saturday! :) Today is just a relaxing Sunday then we are going to hike Mt. Coolum and watch the sunset. Oh! and guess what?!! We might even go to a karaoke bar... ;) yeah buddy!!! I really hope that happens! :)

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