Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday - Tuesday

I woke up Monday and my rash was almost completely gone!! Woohoo! Also I slept like a baby! :) I skyped a little with my parents and Tad and Lori... looked like they were enjoying their Sunday wine ;) haha It looked more fun than going to class.

Class was good. I was pretty heated at one point when some jackwad spouted off about my US military and how 'crappy and useless' it is. He said 'the reason it has to be so big is because everyone can only do one thing. If you learn machine gun you only learn machine gun. No one can have multiple skills.' Thank goodness we were on opposite sides of the classroom. Dumbass. The professor shut that down right away thank goodness. I let it roll because I know that is not the general opinion of Aussies. Plus, if he is that dumb he is not even worth my conversation. ANYWAY I am starting to feel more comfortable in class. I spoke up more today. :)

In more exciting news... I booked my next Activate trip! This weekend will be camping and rock climbing! I am pretty excited. They are rock climbing today but I have classes 8-10 ,10-11, 1-2, and 2-4.... so Mondays are hard for me to do anything else really. Unless I skip... ;) But it is only the second week of classes and last week was mostly just intro. I thought it might be unwise to skip so early in haha.

My second class today was Sustainability. I like the class but it does lend itself to the over the top environmentalist. Today someone told me the world doesn't need democracy and definitely doesn't need economy. What?!?! I honestly was flabberghasted and if this is what what happening in this class I would be dropping it for sure! Luckily my professor overheard the conversation in our small group and addressed the topic of economy for the class. She talked about just how important economy is. Wooo. Good save Professor. Good save. I will keep the class.

After class I decided it is time to try Zumba here is Aus! I went to the Zumba class at the school gym. It was fun. I miss it so much!!!! I might just have to start teaching here! ;) We will see.

After that I saw some Wallabys on the field and decided to go grab a quick picture. I was too late though and they hopped away. I did however stumble upon an Activate thing! So I hung out for a bit and talked to people before I headed off for home.


I woke up this morning (Tuesday morning) and no rash!! Woohoo! Today was a lazy day. laundry and groceries. I am already excited to sleep in my clean sheets!! We took a mini UN household trip to Wooly's. Jaksen drove Katja, Raph, and I to get some food. :) I am so lucky to have a roommate who not only drives, but will take u with him!!

And guess what!?!?! I got a package!!! My mom sent me Girl Scout cookies, Benedryl and my over the shoulder bag!! WIN! I shared my Girl Scout cookies with the roomies. KAtja and Rapael liked the Samoas best and Jaksen likes the Thin Mints. (Samoas are by far the best though... just saying)

After that, I headed to campus to research fracking in PA. I am using it as a topic for my sustainability class poster. Now to decide where I stand on fracking. Necessary evil? Can it be safe? It brings jobs... it brings income... Oh the struggle. Plus, I know that if I go pro fracking I will have some very passionate environmentalists up in arms in the class. Not that I care. It is my opinion and I will defend it whatever I decide.

Katja and I had our Leadership and Team Dynamics class. It went well but I feel like I would benefit from some caffeine before class! We did some group dynamics work and did the 'lost in space' exercise. That exercise is to pretend you are lost in space and rank things in order of importance. I did the exercise a LONG time ago in Sociology at Hagerstown College. I remembered bits and pieces but it has been a while! It went well then we had our 1st tutorial. Our professor said we could go to whatever tutorial we wanted... so Katja tried to come to mine but there wasn't space. So that kind of stinks. The Tutorial was good. I like the professor who leads it. She is really nice. Then we got into our groups for our main project. This project is worth 35% of the grade and is 30% of the final which is 50% of the grade.  My group seems really nice. I like them a lot so far. :)

I came home and made steak salad with Katja and Lisa. It was good and for dessert.... Girl Scout cookies!! Haha Lisa has voted for Samoas further solidifying their dominance. We watched some mindless TV and then headed to bed. I have an 8am tomorrow.

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