Friday, March 13, 2015

W/ Th Alexandra beach :)

Wednesday morning started with class 8-11 am. It's a long class for in the morning, but it is not too bad. I like the class and the professor is really nice. After class Katja and I went on a trip to the Sunshine Plaza and did some shopping. We picked up some odds and ends and walked around for a while. It was a nice way to spend the day. It still impresses me how nice the buses are here! They are so clean. It is so different.

When we got home we just hung out at the apartment. I decided it was time. Cake time. Haha I have been telling them I was going to make a cake so I finally did it.

I think they were happy with it :) Other than that it was a slow day... paid my tuition... checked my credit cards and bank account... all the fun stuff. I am such a  grown up.

OH! and I got official news that Jason is coming to visit! I am so excited! Now I have him coming in April and my parents in May... the only month I will have without a visitor is June! Then I come home in July. Crazy?!! (I am still holding out hope for Nicole and Lindsey ;) heehee)

While Jason is here we are looking at a big group trip to the Great Barrier Reef. If we can get the costs under control that would be great!! Wouldn't it be nice to not have to think about money so much? Oh well. It is all about taking advantage of the budget you have. So that is what I intend on doing!

Today (Thursday) was going to be a beach day but it is a bit overcast and we would rather not spend the bus fare just to get rained out. I did everything today inside that I could. I cleaned up the apartment, vacuumed my room, cleaned my bathroom, redid my budget to adjust for my unforeseen foot thing, I did my readings for my classes for next week, and I started my prep for my little presentation on the reading for my one classes. Everyone has to present one reading this semester worth like 30% of the grade. I got so lucky... I present my reading next week. I guess that is good though. At least I am getting it out of the way right?

Raphael cooked us a lunch! I guess they eat this in France. It was really good!!! Chicken, banana, curry, coconut, rice thing... I decided that it REALLY needs a better name. So we a agreed on Raphaels Moms chicken. :)

After that the sky was kind of clearing so Rapael and I decided to try the beach anyway. Raph is going to teach me to surf! ....but not today. The water was really rough and the waves were pretty big. Not the best conditions for beginners. So instead I just chilled out on the beach watching surfers and enjoying the wonderful weather!

Do I really live here?!?!

I know... I feel sooooooo lucky!!!

After that we came back home and Katja, Lisa and I went to the store for just a couple things. We made pizza and salad. Then as usual par Thursday for some reason, the music in the apartments was pumped and people were starting to party. If you can't beat 'em join 'em right? Oh and a side note... the humidity here has my hair so curly and crazy... it honestly is ridiculous.

So looks like I will be cleaning the apartment again today... haha :)

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  1. Now do you understand my love affair with Australia??????