Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy bday Katja!! + another crazy tan line

Yesterday was Friday and we celebrated Katjas birthday :)

We both share a passion for the mall so we went to the mall. :) It was a nice time walking around and just hanging out. We had some lunch and coffee. Then we went to the grocery store and picked up some food for the night.

I bought her a birthday girl pin. She was super excited about it on the inside... I just know lol She kept saying 'this is so American'. ;)

We had a BBQ at the beach. It was really fun!

Today it is raining. I fell that is really convenient. It is kind of forcing me to stay inside and study. I have midterm Monday at 830am. Ugh. It is so weird that she is calling it a midterm. I mean it is not 'midterm' yet. Anyway I am headed back to study.

Oh! one more thing I have the funniest tan line ever... again. I had the light switch on my stomach from the band aide covering my piercing. Now I have a tan line around my wait that looks like Neopolitan ice cream. I am the queen of funny tan lines... just saying.

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