Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 2 of classes

Today started out really well. My feet aren’t any worse… I see that as a win! ;) I got to Skype with my parents and Chelle and Linda so that is cool. I do miss everyone. Oh! And Murphy too of course! I miss that little dog…. Well medium sized dog haha. I always enjoy his random Skype cameos. Being housebound has lead to a very pretty room and lots of selfies...

Anyway it is another amazingly beautiful day here! Sometimes I just really can’t believe it! I step out and I am just struck by how pretty it is and how lucky I am to be here. Jaksen took me to get my blood drawn today to test and see what is happening with my stupid foot thing. Hopefully that will clear up soon. We went to Buderim, which is a little town that I had not been to yet. It is really cute. Quiet. I like it a lot. We did the blood thing then grabbed some groceries. It was as nice little trip. Well as nice as it can be when I am getting my blood taken lol.

After that we came back to the apartment and Katja and I headed to class. She transferred into the same class as me! How cool! We are taking HRM 311 Leadership and Team Dynamics. The classroom is a bit like a theater. I have this professor for my HRM 211 too. I like her so that works out well!

After class Lisa, Katja, and I took the free shuttle from the apartment to the grocery store Woolworths. Katja and I were in desperate need of groceries!!  This shuttle is free every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-830 pm. In hindsight I probably should have done my shopping with Jaksen earlier today... rookie mistake ;) We got there and everyone was standing around awkwardly. Then this tiny shuttle pulled up... Nowhere near big enough... but at least now we know where to form a line. 2 shuttle trips later we got on the shuttle. We got to Wooly's, only a 5 minute trip, and did our shopping. Our timing when we left could not have been more perfect. The shuttle was there, we got on, and we left! Now we are stocked up for a while! :) I call Katja and I 'kitchen wizards' because we are both kind of crappy cooks.... but we try!

Other than that is was a slow night. We watched The Big Bang Theory with Lisa and went to bed.... :)

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